Family Crest Wax Seal Ring

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by ryhollingsworth, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. ryhollingsworth
    ryhollingsworth New Member
    I'd like to take my family crest and create a replica medieval like family ring that would be removed and used to seal wax seals, etc. I'm attaching a photo of a handmade version done by a master craftsmen, it's just beyond my budget.

    I am looking for a quote as to cost of converting my vector crest (i designed it and can tweak if necessary) into a ring. I'd also like the ability to have multiple sizes.

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  2. saintblade88
    saintblade88 New Member
    It's hard to see the detail in the crest. Would you be able to post your vector image that you have? That would make it easier to estimate for you! Also, Are you wanting to have it made in certain sizes?

  3. ryhollingsworth
    ryhollingsworth New Member
    Screen cap attached, I'm looking to get multiple sizes to gift them to family members.. hopefully if I can afford to :)

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