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  1. Well, my fairy has arrived. I made the print dangerously thin in a few spots (e.g. the fingers), but the print is good. I am excited to get her painted so I can give her to a co-worker who requested this!

    As I discussed in this thread, I have some post-process plans besides painting. We'll see how that goes.

    Front (View 1):

    Front (View 2):

  2. Ray716
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    Wow! That looks amazing!! I can't wait to see it painted! Excellent job! :D

  3. Here she is, painted. This isn't actually completely done, but we're close. I'm waiting on some terrain enhancements - leaves and moss. I should get those in a week or two. I may make a few touch-ups after I've let it be for a few days.

    I think I'm happy with this overall. I ended up not doing something special to the wings, because I couldn't find something viscous enough to fill in the gaps in the wings. I think it looks good as-is.


  4. Ray716
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    Looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it with your terrain additions. Personally I think it was a good choice leaving the wings open and just painting them.
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  6. Ronsaki
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    Amazing work!

    What is the material?
  7. Thanks. The material is WSF (unpolished).