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    I've orderd some models along with a pinhole camera and recieved it on 21 december.

    When i opened the package i saw that the pinhole camera didn't really look like what i've designed, it seems that something has gone wrong with the model.

    As you can see in the pictures that i will post in comments, i'm missing the front of the camera *1 there are holes that i did'nt design *2 even a hole thet seems to be threaded *3 The model is thicker and it has features that i also did'nt designed *4

    I've already mailed to twice from my mail adres but did'nt get a reply, i really hope you can help me on this ?

    Kind Regards,
    Wesley Günter

    Owner/Designer Günter Art & Design

    Shapeways Render :
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  7. Youknowwho4eva
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    Looks like two similar models were mixed up in shipping. I'll talk to service to see what's going on.
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  8. GADesign
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    Well it looks a bit like my model so that would mean someone has a similar design ?

    It looks to me that 2 models were blended into one in the process of nesting the models befor printing, or someone has addes some features to testprint.

    I've never had any problems like this so i really would'nt know ?
  9. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    We'll see if we can't find out, but it looks to me like similar items got swapped.
  10. UniverseBecoming
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    That's an interesting problem you have there Shapeways. Considering the volume that you are producing everyday I can see how this would tend to occur.

    After brainstorming numerous methods I cannot seem to find a good solution, being that everything is mixed together during printing.

    One I idea I have is to go by weight, since the exact volume is known for each model. Problem is, trace amounts of non-printed material attached to the finished parts that was not cleaned off properly would tend to throw in enough variability to make it less than exact.

    Other than printing a bar-code with each part that could be snapped off just before shipping, there are no other absolute methods I can think of at this time. If the problem were mine I would start working on a method of quick 3D scanning coupled with 3D part comparison and recognition software.
  11. mkroeker
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    If this is indeed a case of similar models getting swapped, I would chalk it up as another milestone reached for shapeways :D
    (i.e. how many concurrent orders are necessary to make this unlikely event actually happen ?)
  12. GADesign
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    2 similar models printed in the same material/colour at the same time :confused

    I'm hoping it dous'nt have the same function, i was kinda expecting to have the first 3D printed Pinhole camera design :D