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  1. InnerbreedFX
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    Hi guys ,
    I have a project coming up that will be over whelming me with 3D cad designs, prototyping and fabrication.
    Due to being rather busy with other parts of this project id like to call upon another 3d modeller to handle a small 'but time consuming area of the project.
    id do this myself but i have another area to concentrate on. Info on the full project will be shared with who ever i work with.

    I will be requiring someone with the skills to model a full head mesh using photo references of the model.
    Front. sides, back and top photos will be supplied as soon as possible. im just waiting for the model to be in my hands so i can take the photos.

    While Ii await the physical model, id like you to consider if this is something you may be interested in.
    I am sorry I cannot give to much information about the project as of yet but if someone has done anything like this before, id be interested in seeing your work before hand. and if i feel happy with what i see then i may hire you there and then.
    also if you could give me your price range for doing such a model.

    The 3D mesh will be required to be life size, meaning that if I print it, then its to be to scale to the real thing.
    but this is not important as i can scale it later.
    As long as it is an exact match to the physical model im happy.

    I have shown a photo of the kind of face ill be requiring but again i will be supplying more photos asap.
    View attachment 30775

    Thanks guys,


    I have added a link if anyone is interested in this head.
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    PM sent

  3. Dotsan
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    Hi, sounds interesting, lets discuss your project?

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    We like challenges, so don't be shy in coming forward with any questions. Please feel free to contact my customers below for a reference.

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  4. InnerbreedFX
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    Thanks to everyone who posted, email and sent pm's.

    I appreciate all the responses, but I have decided to model it myself due to cost.

    Man I need to raise my rates.. lol
    Thanks guys and gals,

    Once the project takes off ill open a thread if people are interested.
    Look out for Animatronic Baby!

  5. InnerbreedFX
    InnerbreedFX Well-Known Member