F40ph-2c Shell For Ho Scale?

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  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if there's anyone here that'd be willing to make an F40PH-2C (MBTA Variant) shell in HO Scale that could preferably fit on a Walthers Dash-8 frame? As a Boston commuter modeler, I'd really appreciate this! Please let me know, I'll supply some pictures of the prototype

    ezgif-3-7249be6047.jpg 2001033021523315634.jpg mbta 1067-2 2011-12-26.jpg
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    I could help you with this if you're still looking for someone :)
    I'll send you a follow up pm with more info about pricing, etc, but in the mean time you're welcome to check out some of my other work at http://alison.friedlander.me.
    Here's another relevant model I made for a client a while back of the Drax turbine: https://skfb.ly/6xXIE

    Alison Friedlander
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    Hello, I'll have what he's having, hi I am a peninsula railroader and what same thing but caltrain

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    Walthers size and on a dash 8 chassis

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