Eye Prosthesis - 3d Printing ?

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  1. Dear All
    I am looking for any information about 3d printing of eye prosthesis, printers, resin materials, companies that print such eye prostheses ?
    Can You help me ?
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    There are no food safe materials printed by Shapeways so likely they also wouldn't be eye socket safe. 3D printed materials won't be as stable as specialized resins, thermoplastics, or traditional glass materials formulated and approved for medical use. That could mean chemical leaching, particulate contamination, or abrasion leading to serious allergic or other delicate tissue damage. I don't see this being a good idea.
  3. I work in the medical industry, print artificial teeth and orthodontic splint.
    3d printing of artificial teeth is a great solution, the material is biocompatible.
    That's why I am now looking for 3D printing solution in another prosthetics.

    Some ideas ?

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  4. MrNibbles
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    I suspect the primary problem is printing an eye prosthetic in color to make it appear natural, and that requires the use of full color printers that can produce good looking bio-compatible prints. At the very least prints would need to decorated with paint and a final application of a bio-compatible sealant coating. I think your search will be more productive if you research 3D printing companies that specialize in bio-material compatible printing. Maybe do a google search using a term like 3D printed eye prosthetics to find a better starting point.