exporting from maya 2010 using collada - no edge smoothing?

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by winxamitosis, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. winxamitosis
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    hello there.
    i'm using maya 2010 and exporting using the collada (DAE) exporter.

    i'm just not sure if the image i'm seeing in my gallery is what will actually be printed and there a slight issue with the export.

    or it's just how the image is rendered.

    imagine a cylinder made of 20 sides. the edges are all visibly sharp. i want them to be smooth.

    so anyone know what might get printed?
    sharp or smooth.

    the model in question is only 5mm across, so i didn't think i needed to go mad with faces and tessellation. but i could be wrong?

    i've (hopefully) attached a pic, so you can see what i mean. spindle.jpg

    ta for any help
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  2. GHP
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    Edges will be printed sharp, to the level of detail possible on the printer. Viewing a model with smoothed edges only affects how it is rendered on the screen, and doesn't change the underlying model. With a model this size, they probably won't be very evident, although that depends in part on the material.
  3. stop4stuff
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    At 5mm diameter, you'll have 20 sides of about 0.78 mm, which, depending upon the material, will show stepping and the corners of the sides will be as in the image.

    Generally I aim for 0.1-0.2mm faces whilst trying to keep well within the 500,000 polygon limit (imo, the smoother the 'sharpe edge' detail on screen, the better the end printed result), an example is my Check Rope Ring - 17.5mm ID x 21mm OD x 7mm with over 296,000 polygons - which arrived yesterday in stainless, I'll post images over in the 'It Arrived' section when I've finished polishing it.

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  4. winxamitosis
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    thanks for your info and advice chaps. very useful

    i'm used to low poly modelling, so perhaps in this instance, i can apply some judicious smoothing and get a better result and still be well under poly budget.

    perhapsd viewing in faceted mode in maya will help me see the final result a little clearer.

    back in a bit..... ;)