Exporting Files w/ Textures Need Help !! 3d Max Program

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  1. robertbonenfant
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    So just like it sounds im having trouble exporting my designs from 3d max to shapeways format. They will export fine without textures but wont export when add them to my design. Not sure how to save them ??? Any ideas ??
  2. robertbonenfant
    robertbonenfant New Member
    So The file saves as a lone .wrl file - Ive tryed to add the textures and .wrl in one folder but it still wont take it

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    texture ImageTexture {
    url "../maps/Simple_Stone_Mtl_Marble_bump.jpg"
    It serch the Texture in a "maps" Filder one folder up.

    You can manipulate it manualy in the vrml (take me 30 sec in notepad++) or change the exportoptions ...

    there are same more Mistakes in the vrml:
    * garlic.tga is missing
    * you useing Name of objects more then one times. (not sure if this is a Problem on shapeways)
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