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    I'm a 3D modeler and designer with over 6 years of experience working with 3D modeling software. I create functional 3D designs and help individuals and companies transform their ideas, drawings, or concepts into actual 3D models and renders, allowing the client to be involved in the design process to ensure that they get exactly the design they want.

    I've completed projects for many people, here on Shapeways and elsewhere, and all of my clients have been greatly satisfied with my work. I have also been vetted by the Shapeways team and listed in the official Shapeways Designers for Hire Directory. You can see my page at https://www.shapeways.com/designer/peterlsargent/hire-me.

    I specialize in product, tech, architectural, and artistic design, but am not at all limited to just these categories. In addition to my experience working as a 3D designer, I have extensive experience with 3D printing as well. My designs are created with the knowledge of how 3D printing works and its various advantages and limitations.

    Many people feel overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a new design, but I make the process simple and easy. I can start with sketches, pictures, specifications, or just a description of an idea and I will quickly deliver a complete 3D model at an affordable price, whether the project is large or small.

    If you'd like to inquire about getting a design created or just want a quote, you can message me here or contact me directly at peterlsargent@gmail.com
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    Do you have a website with more examples?
  3. peterlsargent
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    I don't have a website set up, but if you're looking to have something designed, send me a message and I'll provide images of similar work I've done.