Experienced artist for hire, miniatures to architecture to anything.

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  1. hugobeyer
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    Hi, my name is Hugo Beyer.

    I'm able to do anything related to miniatures, architecture or useful models.
    Please look at my portfolio: LINK TO PORTFOLIO

    My latest model on shapeways is:


    Feel free to contact me at: hugobeyer (a) gmail.com

    Here's some examples of images:

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  2. midamren
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    I am trying to produce a prototype for a game I would like to launch on kickstarter. I am looking for someone to design some 3d figures, peices for the game. What I am looking for is listed below:
    I would like drawings and 3d renderings for the below types of Charactures done in an apocalyptic style. One male and one female for each type. Scale should be 15MM. I would like to keep the females clean as I know some people lean towards the more scantly clad big busted within this genre I would like to stay within the apocalyptic genre but avoid that.
    Urban rural
    urban cooperate type
    Video gamers
    doomsday preppers
    sports jock

    I would also like drawings and 3d renderings for the following peices:
    barbed wire spoiled on ground 1/2 in in legth 15mm scale
    sandbags creating a barrerior not single bags
    spike walls
    land mines
    guard tower
    pile of junk

    I am new to this and would like to see what you think the cost would be to produce these prototypes as well as what you could come up with for designs. I would be willing to either pay for the job or give you a stock in the game. Kickstarter is succed or fail so bear that in mind if you would like a stock in the game.
    Please let me know if this is something you are interested in.
    Thank you for your time,