Experienced 3D modeler looking for things to model

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  1. Octachoron
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    I have been modelling since high school. I can adapt to a wide variety of 3D challenges from using UGS Solid Edge to make molded plastic parts to using Autodesk Maya to model spaceships and animated characters.

    My blog is at octachorondigital.com where you can see several projects I have worked on.
    My 3D animated short film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJEkVDcDWI

    I have yet to model anything for 3D printing, so I am looking for ideas and commissions. I am currently using Blender as my tool of choice. I do not have access to Solid Edge at home, and I have a student copy of Maya from when I was in college, which I cannot use legally for commercial purposes.

    please send PM if you would like something done.
  2. jpblack
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    Im looking for a somebody to quote and design a miniature for table top wargame, Goliath airship from the film Laputa, see attached picture. Very hard to get hold of a kit so wondering if shapeways could give me a solution. I'm not looking for something which has to be 100% accurate ive attached a pic. Look forward to your reply.



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  3. Excalibur2601
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    I am looking for a 1/4100 scale Ambassador. Class starship from Star trek.