European Ball Joint Doll

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  1. EricvanStraaten
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    For years now I am trying to make a BJD (ball jointed dolls are very popular in certain cultgroups, especially in Asia) in the traditional manner (first sculpting, then putting in the joints, then molding and pouring).

    A few months ago I was able to join in a Rapid Manufacturing project with a technological institute (TNO in The Netherlands) wich is aimed at deliviring a 3D printed model for the Dutch Design Week Contest upcoming october.

    My 3D model is almost ready and will be printed in a few weeks. The whole model I'm developing together with TNO (who will also print the protorype for me) and will be displayed at the Dutch Design Week.

    When the prototype is finished, I'm planning to use Shapeways as a deliveryshop (which I don't have yet due to the prototyping-stage of the project) for the 'unfinished' product.

    Tell me what you think!

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  2. EricvanStraaten
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    This is the original 3D-model I made before I cut her up in the different BJD-parts...

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  3. EricvanStraaten
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    Here's a quick render where you can see the individual parts of my doll...

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  4. Whystler
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    Wow, so many parts to make that intricate doll! I hope it turns out lovely for you!

    When I first joined shapeways I had the thought of creating a very tiny ball joint doll. I gave up on this after a while. I even ordered a ball joint doll to study it! Now she looks so macabre on my shelf, but I put her next to an angel bagpiper sculpture, and an iron faery, so she has company.


  5. Galbot
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    Why does it appear to have joints where no humans have joints e.g. under the shoulder joint there is another one a few cms down above the elbow. It has a shoulder and an elbow and then one in between???? I sure don't.
    Same between the ankle and the knee.
    Looks very complicated though. Hope you win the competition. Looks very expensive to print.
  6. kerhohuone
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    this is almost a year late, but i just thought someone would like to know that the parts you are talking about are sort of "double joints", they make the doll a lot more mobile without risking too much of aestetics.

    and eyedoll, your doll is beautiful! i remember the centaur girl in your shop, the is one of the most fascinating figurines i have seen in a while. coincidentally i received my doll today from shapeways but instead of many parts i ordered a one piece print since i will be making a silicone doll with an inner skeleton and only need the 3d-print to make a mold for the actual whole doll.

    please show more pictures unless you have abandoned this project during the year, i would be very interested in seeing more of your pretty doll. thank you!
  7. gumball
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    Kinda reminds me of some of the dolls Hans Belmer was making.
  8. EricvanStraaten
    EricvanStraaten New Member
    Hi, the work on my doll is a bit 'absorbed' by a new project I'm doing right now. I've printed a lot of 'statues' the recent month, which I am exhibiting right now in my hometown. See

    Greetings, Eric