ETA on ShapeJS2 Cocreators?

Discussion in 'ShapeJS' started by twoshay, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. drloris
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    From in interface perspective, I think you could reasonably allow each parameter to modify the following (i.e. not the preceding) parameter ranges and values. In real time in the parameter display, as the item is specified.

    So for example in your radius/wall-thickness example, you could have the radius parameter first, then wall thickness. If the radius setting is increased, the range of wall thickness would change and potentially bump up the later thickness setting. It would be user-friendly to indicate that change on the parameter display too.

    One of my feedback messages on the shapeJS1 cocreator pilot (which I assume you got) was that you should show what the parameter settings are for the items in the basket (and later the order, etc). I hope you're going to do that, because I think it's pretty important. If so, an advantage of changing the settings as the object is specified is that then there's no risk of an annoying interaction where the customer sees the wrong values in their order.

    Of course, this doesn't consider implementational details, and making that elegant might be difficult.
    (On consideration, I suggest that for numeric ranges (i.e. sliders) you'd want to keep the absolute range displayed constant, and show the currently allowed range within that. If you don't, people might not discover the full range of options, by unknowingly locking themselves in to a subset of a later parameter.)
  2. twoshay
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    What I like is the amount of discussion we're starting to see on this. The more interest, the more likely we can get some momentum on updates!
  3. Wahtah
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    Definitely excited to see what's coming!

    Pricing was an important issue for me last time. Having a fixed price really limits what you can do with the system. I would like to see a fixed markup, or a percentage, or a percentage with min and max options. Then you can offer modifications that affect the size/price significantly without having to worry about the price.

    Of course having a variable price is a challenge from a sales point of view. But you need to have an example item anyway so you can show its price and make it very clear that the final price depends on the changes you want. Besides, prices are already pretty variable on shapeways with all the different materials and finishes.
  4. xristiaan
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    Hi Alan,

    it's great to see how far ShapeJS has come with version 2. I'm really looking forward to the moment I can actually start creating customisable products which I can sell in the ShapeWays store. I am a bit disappointed at how slow it is going however. I have plans and coding ready for a couple of ideas, but no way to sell it (at least not through Shapeways) at the moment).

    I also wasn't part of the co-creator pilot so at the moment I'm feeling that I'm starting to get behind the couple lucky people who did make it into that select group.

    Anyway, an update would definitely be appreciated.