Estimate for belt-clip for Fitbit One

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    I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in providing an estimate for designing and creating a belt-clip for the Bitbit One.

    The holder that comes with the device just doesn't work on a belt and I don't like the sticky rubberized material they used. I've seen a few different designs for a wrist worn holder.

    I've tried the wrist worn devices (Fitbit Force, Jawbone Up) and just don't like them. I just don't like something on my wrist during the kickboxing and heavy bag work I do.

    The older Fitbit Ultra had the perfect design and holder. The device itself was a clamshell that was it's own clip and worked great on t-shirts or shorts and the belt clip actually worked on a belt.
    [​IMG] Fitbit Ultra
    [​IMG] Ultra Belt-Clip
    [​IMG] Fitbit in belt-clip

    If a belt-clip could be made that uses the basic design of the Ultra's belt-clip...

    There may even be two designs here. The belt-clip obviously needs a larger opening to fit around a belt. Since the Fitbit One is not a clamshell design, a second holder designed to clamp to a t-shirt collar and shorts pockets would also be nice.
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    pm sent
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    Thanks for all the messages.

    I'm considering an offer for the design work.