Escher's Playground - Ball-in-Maze Puzzle

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    Escher's Playground is a new type of 3D ball-in-maze puzzle. The convoluted lattice structure that forms the internal maze pathways also make this a sculptural work of art. The goal is to roll the ball to the exit after snapping it into the entrance. This puzzle is suitable for kids 10 and up as well as teens and adults. It is a fun challenge as well as a visually intriguing gift like no other maze.

    This and other mazes are available at my shop: Ethereal Maze Puzzles. Prices start at $3.99.


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    I would like to get this included as one of the featured items, as well as in the Holiday Gift guide. I am getting a lot of orders for this, so I think it would make a good addition.

    If there is any other information that is needed to help get it included please let me know.

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