Escher Angels and Devils Earrings

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    They're based (as the title would suggest) on M. C. Escher's Angels and Devils tessellation. Recreating the tessellation was the easy part. Warping it into a sphere was an ordeal.


    Technically these arrived a while ago but it took some time to get them ready.

    First of all, I didn't want to make the loops too thin since I was printing them in Full Color Sandstone so they couldn't fasten the earring hooks to them before shipping. I even got an email asking if I really wanted them included. I, of course, said "yes" so that I could sort out a solution to the problem and they were mailed to me separately.

    After they arrived I noticed a tiny, tiny chip was missing from one of the devils, so I decided the whole thing needed some protection and gave them a spray one clear coat so now they're shiny and chip resistant.

    Finally I managed to get some bails to connect the hooks to the earrings that I thought fit them. Even then I couldn't get the darn things to bend completely closed and stay that way, so I closed the gaps with just a li~itle bit of super glue.

    I'm quite happy with how they've turned out.

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