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  1. jeroen870
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    I'm new here, and I have a problem. I designed something in inventor. Now when I upload the stl file I get several error's.
    (We could not determine the size and/or volume of your model due to an invalid model structure.)
    I've tried MeshLab, but still no succes.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Grz, Jeroen

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  2. WiKKiDWidgets
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    Hmmmm, I have never seen that error before, but I took a look at it and found a few things. First off you had a minor manifold issue. And second, I assumed you wanted this in Milimeters as it was very close to an inch wide (in milimeters) but it was just a tad too thin. I increased the depth by a small margin and the attached version uploadable now (in milimeters).



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  3. afrodri
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    I ran into this error for the first time a few days ago. I couldn't see anything wrong with my model (manifold, normals), so I uploaded in a different format (STL instead of X3D) and that solved the problem.
  4. jeroen870
    jeroen870 New Member
    Tnx! it works!
  5. WiKKiDWidgets
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    You're very welcome.