Error when uploading .stl file (Blender)

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    I am new to 3D modeling, and have only been using Blender for a few months. I am also new to 3D printing.

    I made a ring in Blender and I think I have followed all the steps on the tutorial page for prepping Blender files.

    When I export my .blend file to .stl, I notice it is called a "Certificate Trust List"... which is weird to me since the extension is .stl. Anyway, I upload it to Shapeways and I get an email notification that it is an "Invalid Input File Format", so I did some forum searching and read that I could download "Netfabb" and that it would "fix" any problems. Well I downloaded it and when I try to open my .stl file it too gives me an error "Invalid STL file"

    So what the heck is going on? haha

    Thank you for reading!
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  2. stop4stuff
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    I'm guessing that within the stl file, you have a group of shells (or layers), merge the shells (or flatten the layers) into one object - this can be achieved using Mesh lab, Accutrans3D or it may be possible in Blender (I know nothing about using Blender).

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    I can't help you with Blender but.. The buisness about the file being called a "Certificate Trust List" is common. Just right click any STL file and select "Open With" then point to Netfabb.

    Select the option to "always open with this program" and windows will change the file(s) to be associated with Netfabb and remove the "Certificate Trust List" indicator.
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    Thanks everyone! Cre83D helped me out, I know what to look for now and how to fix it (I think haha )