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    Hi there!

    I already found some entries on this subject. But I think this max Volume thing is not useful in a co-creator template. Or maybe i just don't understand it..
    Actually, right now, I'm stuck with a costumer. He wants a bigger ring, and i can't upload one, because i can't change the max volume thing. Actually, I can change it on the product page. Un-publish, change the value, republish/save.
    But the thing is, it does not work. The new ring has a volume of 2.03 cm³ And even by setting the value to 25, i get the error.
    I this really necessary? - or what did I miss?
    It seems it is not possible to edit it for open orders.. What shall i do now? my time is up! :S
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    Hey Mendel,

    The best thing you can do is contact customer service.
    They will personal fix this issue with you.

    I will explain what went wrong to the rest below.

    If you fill in the template of a cocreator, one of the values is max volume. You fill this in because you make a commitment to Shapeways and your buying costumer who will buy your products. The max volume is used to calculate the price of the product.

    A shopping customer will see a product price which is a sum of the maximum volume + your markup. The customer orders the products, checks out and the money will be transferred. You will get your markup and Shapeways the production cost of this model.

    At that moment the money is fairly split so by now none of the value should or can be changed what so ever. The customer is expecting a product for the price he or she paid and Shapeways cannot produce below its production cost.

    This is why it is so important that you plan ahead what your volume could be. You can calculate this yourself by setting all your other values to maximum.

    For example, if you have a ring with an extrusion of a variable symbol or a name. Make a ring with the maximum size you offer and extrude nothing. That volume is the maximum result a costumer can come up with. Now you can be sure you reserved enough volume.

    If you feel like you reserved to much, you could consider making the value of the ring size less extreme(risking the change of losing customers with big fingers) An alternative is to make 2 rings available, one with big sizes (male ring) and one with smaller sizes (female ring).

    Finale note: You can change a cocreator template any time. But once it's online, and a customer orders your design. You're committed to this order with the values set of the moment of ordering.

    I hope this explains enough.

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