Enamel Pins With Plastic Or Metal?

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  1. This might also be a good question for the miniatures people, since they combine plastics and paints, buuut...

    I'm wanting to make some pins with my own designs, similar to enamel pins that go on jackets or bags or whatever. So, first I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about printing pins in plastic and filling them with some sort of enamel paint (or even resin, if that's a good alternative?). I'm also curious about printing them in metal and filling them, but for the time being, I'd rather go with plastic. Of course, I don't want to print the actual stabbing part of the pin, so that should make things less complicated.

    Basically, I don't know if the enamel paint you'd get from a hobby store would stick to the versatile plastic; I can't imagine that it wouldn't, but I have zero experience with this process. So if anyone does have experience making pins/badges like this, could you share some wisdom?
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    You need to find a paint that is designed to work with Nylon - there are many common paints that will work.
    Versatile Plastic is Nylon - Nylon 12 Plastic, PA12, Polyamide, PA 2200
    The surface is quite porous and will "drink" quite a bit of paint - which will assist in the adhesion.