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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by rob3d, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. rob3d
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    Never used Shapeways before so I thought I'd give it a try with a project I'm working on. The source material is a shoulder tattoo my buddy has. We're building him a computer for his 30th birthday and we wanted an accent piece of some sort to go on the humidor were using as a case.




    The last photo is the emblem mounted into the humidor. It came out better that I ever hoped for. I'm really impressed with the quality and speed in which Shapeways delivered.

    I also had a small SS piece printed doubled sided about the sized of a poker chip for myself.

  2. Wow, I'm really impressed with how faithfully you managed to replicate the tattoo. The case looks fantastic with the boss mounted in it.

  3. rob3d
    rob3d New Member
    Thanks! :)
    Orginally I wasn't going to do any of the lettering. I was worried that the SS wouldn't be able to handle the detail as some of those grooves are a tad under 1 mm but in the end I said what the heck and went for it. I'm really glad I did the letters came out perfect. Again I'm really impressed with shapeways and will most definitely continue to be a customer.
  4. lensman
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    Excellent modelling and printing. Somewhat confused at the computer?/humidor/XBox controller holder, but it looks good :confused

  5. rob3d
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    Lol, Thanks!

    Well my friend is a bit of a retro game junkie, so the computer is outfitted with emulators for almost everything. So now while having a fancy looking Home theater pc for his new flatscreen he will also be able to play Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter 4 on the same set-up.
  6. Inlite
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    this is truly awesome, Ive been designing similar things for printing myself recently and Im really glad to see the detail thats possible in SS
  7. HaVoC373
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    love the design, and how to managed to stay true to the original tatoo. print looks great.. i love how that stained wood box and how the crest is highlighted by it. very awesome project :)

    the stainless steel coin looks very nice aswel. i was thinking of having some sort of coin for the space ship i am making. something to put in the stand for it. but was unsure how much detail would be printable. that coin looks nice :)
  8. Whystler
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    What a gorgeous project! You're friend is very lucky to know a talented guy like you.

  9. rob3d
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    Thanks Everyone!

    The coin surprised me. I wasn't sure the initials would show up at all. But they show up very nicely considering the size. Here's a size comparison to a quarter.

  10. gumball
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    Have you considered removing the letters and making it a little smaller and thinner then putting it up for sale? Depending on price, I'd probably get one!
  11. chaitanyak
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    your friend is soo lucky!