Ell of a puzzle

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    This arrived many months ago, but it has taken me this long to dye in 8 colors!


    This puzzle was invented over 25 years ago by Leonard Gordon. It is a box-packing puzzle using 8 identical "L" shaped pieces. Originally devised from pieces made from joined spheres, I made it from truncated rhombic dodecahedra or edge-beveled cubes.


    Four of these pieces interlock into a truncated tetrahedron. "Ell of a puzzle" uses eight pieces, and the puzzle is to pack the pieces into a cubical box. I have sized the pieces so that a golf ball case can be used as a box. The pieces fit snugly together and the final assembly stands on it's own without the box. In contrast, I also made the puzzle from joined spheres and then the assembly will not stand on its own.


    This is a difficult puzzle due to the unusual arrangement of pieces in a box. When the puzzle is solved, 5 colors are visible on each face of the cube. This may help slightly in solving it, but not much.