Electric Guitar Pendant

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by medunecer, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. medunecer
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  2. shawn_halayka
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    It's very metal (metal metal?). Nice work! :)
  3. medunecer
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    Hey Shawn, thanks for your words. Well, yes, it's...metal metal!
    At the moment I've got the best results with the following materials:
    - Polished Gold Steel
    - Matte Bronze steel
    - Frosted Ultra Detail (non metallic but very good for earrings because it's light and very detailed)

    Thanks again and congratulations for your shop!
  4. haiduk
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    This is very cool however the real metal sign is just horns up, no thumb.

    When you stick out the thumb, it goes from being metal to being sailor moon or something...
  5. Nickola
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    very clever idea! and nice pendant
  6. medunecer
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    haiduk: good point, thanks for your feedback. However, I decided to use the thumb extended instead folded inward mainly for a couple of reasons: for example, here in Italy, that sign is used "to keep away evil eye and hard luck". Then, I decided to keep the design more "friendly", considering that this sign is well known as the "I love you" sign. Anyway, I think I'll work on another version with the thumb inward.

    Nickola: Thank you!
  7. nikkilynx
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    hi guys-really cool guitar pendant. I had a designer create a name pendant but its not passing any of the heat checks. any thoughts on how to rectify. I have attached the jpg and png files for review.

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  8. medunecer
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    nikkilynx: Thanks for your feedback.