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    Hi there,

    My names Eric Lopez, I'm a 3D artist from Toronto, Canada.
    I'm in love with 3D printing! Bringing ideas into physical reality?
    How amazing is that!?

    Anything organic, like creatures, characters, and animals are my specialty.
    I can also pull of man-made items, like jewelry, props, and prototypes.
    You can watch my reel here, or take a look below.

    My quotes are for the cost of design only, with a flexible rate depending on complexity.
    However, If you know what kind of material you're looking to print in,
    I'd be more than happy to give you an estimate on the printing cost.

    If you're interested in making something, please send me an email at elopez3d@gmail.com

    Eric Lopez

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    Created for some sculpting practice.
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    A hood ornament designed for Highway Hawk.

    his n hers.jpg
    I designed the male ring pictured above.

    RAE First Aid Robot
    The photo on the left was created by RAE.
    He requested a 3d model by re-created in order to cast it in a full edition bronze cast.

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  6. el_Lopez
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    Black Panther's Golden Spear
    Created for a cosplay prop.
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  7. yoyin
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    Eric helped me out designing a pendant (xmas gift)!

    Hey was very proficient and hey finally got the design better than I expected!

    I can totally recommend him for designing 3D models!

    Keep up the good work & best regards,
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  8. el_Lopez
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    Kitty Kat
    Modelled & Sculpted in blender
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    Hey Shapeways, here's another project.
    A pair of puffins hanging on a rock.

    Modelled & sculpted in blender
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    Attached is a new model I created for Bill,
    All concept and copyright goes him.
    I create this full colour print for his use.

    View attachment 139376

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    This 3D print of Mesos (a Pegasus from my story, not in the MLP universe but my story of Mesos in his universe) is my first attempt to have one of my characters printed. I learned how to specify what I wanted and what results I needed. I am pleased with the results and the cost of creating the print file from the art I provided and the actual printing were very reasonable. I plan to use the services of Mr. Lopez again.
    Bill Ames
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    I'm trying to reproduce this key design, is it possible? 3" ?

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  14. el_Lopez
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    I created a pair of anvils to be used as pendants on necklaces or charms for a fellow shapeways user: Jewlock.
    The anvils were printed in plastic, and steel.

    Comp copy.JPG

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    Here's a review from a client, I turned a 2D logo into a 3d figurine.

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    ah i love the sword, looks awesome.
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