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    CAD Edits:
    These are ALL the CAD Edits that i need done after recieving the 3D Printed Models and carefully reviewing them.

    1) The current size is EXTREAMLY LARGE. Too Large for humans.lol
    2) Make correct sizes: Small-XL(ill give size options)
    3) The bottom where the ipod inserts is way too small. Just the rim of the bottom. The way it lines up is fine.
    4) Make sure the filing under the wristband where the ipod cables are, are all filled in properly.
    5) Make sure headphone wrap sticks up and is a micro size wider and higher for easier use. Right now, there is not enough room and not easy to wrap headphone wires around.
    6) Make sure the splitting in half are actually equal. As well, need to make a kind of lip or clip in ports for easy assembly. As well, make sure the "seems" are hidden to user eyes.
    7) Make the actual body of the wristband a little "thicker" for comfort as well as easier to keep shape, frame, and install of additional components such as a battery or circutboard. (The battery and circutboards if added ...will go toward the tip or bottom opening of the wristband. And the speakers will stay in the same place)
    :cool: Make the opening edges of the wristband on the bottom a little bit less sharp and rounded. But not a ton different. This is for possible safety hazzards.
    9) Make the power buttons more in depth because they did not come out at all in good and/or poor 3d prints. I tried several materials, but it didnt come out. So, make the depth thicker.
    10) The interior has too much wiggle room. Make less wiggle room.
    11) Make sure the exterior and interior buttons match so it will actually press the buttons on the ipod. Currently, they do not
    12) Possibly change the electrical port from 3.5 mm prong to ipod cable charger.
    13) Make sure Areas where speakers go are a little thicker and wider. But not too much.
    14) Make a Slight concave and circular addition around speaker size area so sound is better, as well as the speakers can be easy inserted in to concave area and easily glued together.

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