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  1. MaxiGossamer
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    Hi All,
    I have a feeling this may be a daft question but here goes anyway.

    I am adding text to the description box for my models but when I save, any kind of layout is lost and it all joins up in to one continuous line of text. I've noticed that everyone else's description text is arranged all neat and tidy.

    How do I keep my layout for the description text box please ?
    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Maundy
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    I realise this was answered in another thread however I wanted to lay it out for any newbies.
    I struggled with this to begin with, it took a while for me to discover the description boxes accept HTML, and then a bit of searching to find the right codes the description box will accept, you will probably need to use the following codes to keep your descriptions looking neat and tidy:

    If you want a new line (the equivalent of pressing the enter/return key on the keyboard), you have to use the code <br>, two of these <br><br> will create a new paragraph as it inserts 2 lines.

    If you want text to be bold it has to be surrounded by <strong> at the beginning and </strong> at the end. E.g. <strong>Your Text Here</strong>

    If you want to insert a hyperlink, you will have to use <a href="www.what-ever-web-address-you-want-to-link-to.com">Text for the Hyperlink (it will look blue)</a>

    These are all the codes I ever had to use in the description box, other members will probably be able to add more if you need them.
    I hope this helps.

    Alex Maund
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  3. MaxiGossamer
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    Thank you so much Maundy. Yes it was a big help and much appreciated :)