1. i made a little set of weapon attachments for some of my figures. they got past the uploading stage, but when i ordered a set they were rejected for having thin walls. i think the walls are thin on the edges of the swords. however, the only way i can think of thickening these swords on the edge is by chamfering the edges, except that makes it look a lot less sword like and more like a giant block. also to keep the same surface area the volume increases a bit too. is there any other way of keeping the profile of the sword? unless there was another bit that had thin walls.

    [​IMG] http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm257/IkeFrog/Untitled-1- 14.jpg?t=1298456282

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    The rejection email should have an image attached showing the problem areas.

    Depending upon the material you are having the model printed in, you can oversize the edge and then sand/file it back to meet your requirements.
  3. no attachment .-.

    only attachments from shapeways were in the payment confirmation email.

    i could just oversize the edge but i am trying to keep the price low. i guess that's the only option though. bleghy.