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    While we're hard at work on rebuilding the core of Shapeways' internal infrastructure, we've tried to find some quick wins to help fix some glaring issues along the way.

    One of these changes is released today, with an update to most of the e-mails along the order process. We couldn't make any huge overhauls yet, but we did improve the wording, make them more clear, and do some small changes here and there to help you guys out.

    For example:
    [list type=1]
    [*] We clearly indicate that orders could be rejected once a shopper places it.
    [*] You can now click on a model in some cases to go right to that model's page.
    [*] When you purchase your own model, you should no longer be told that you sold models.
    [*] When a user purchases your model, you will only receive a 'You Sold a Product' e-mail once it has been shipped (to prevent false positives upon rejection).

    Again, small changes, but hopefully your day will be made a bit brighter along the way.

    Note: We are still working on issues like Canada Shipping fees, Rejections, and WSF Non-Monotonous pricing along with the major project I mentioned earlier.
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