Dynamic Chain Bowl

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  1. Spacetime
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    This is my first of many object I'll be uploading to sell on Shapeway. I would love the opportunity to showcase my Bowl as a featured object.

    Here is the page for my Chain Bowl
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/402747/chain_mesh_bowl_6in_.h tml?key=b5dcea78ae9fac153e5f04f9ded8c896

    Chain Bowl was created by dropping a 3D model of linked meshing onto a sphere using a 3D modeling physics engine. Once the meshing contacted the sphere the animation was paused creating this dynamic desk top bowl. Comprised of 912 rings

    Here is the youtube video that shows how the bowl was cerated !!!

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  3. Cuchullain
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    That looks pretty neat. And an interesting idea to create unique shapes.

    If I may ask, what physics engine did you use?
  4. Spacetime
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    So happy about the great placement of the bowl in the home decor section! Should be getting the real deal sometime this week. Twill make sure to post photos
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