Dying Frosted Detail and/or FUD

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by DoctorOctoroc, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    I'm recreating a prop and I'd love for one of the pieces to be a translucent green when I'm through with it. For reference, it's the emitter bulb at the end of the Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who:


    Notice the marble swirls and translucent look to it. One thing I'd love to do is incorporate an LED into this prop, inside the bulb, and from seeing FD and FUD in regular lighting, it seems quite translucent already with thinner walls, so making this piece hollow would make it relatively see-through.

    My question is, has any one had any success dying this material? And if so, does it appear translucent afterwards?

    I figure if I can find a dye that works, I can water it down to varying degrees to get the swirl effect and then insert a green LED to complete the look.
  2. Mhagan
    Mhagan New Member
    I have seen some really nice looking Dyed FUD models. Sorry no pictures of them. They are still somewhat translucent. I am sure you could do a little bit of experimenting and get the effect you are looking for.
  3. Silverbeam
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    I to would like to know dying techniques and what people have done.

    I personally have used nail polish or thin paints on one side or the inner side to get some nice effects.
  4. DoctorOctoroc
    DoctorOctoroc Well-Known Member
    I haven't yet tried any dying techniques myself, but I gave Tamiya clear color paints a shot.


    I got mine at a police car modelling site for $3 per jar, by far the best deal I've seen.

    They come in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and 'smoke'. If you properly clean the FUD material with water and detergent, they go on nicely. 3-4 even coats did the trick for me:

    FUD lens before painting:

    Blue and red lens after painting.

    Macro detail of the red lens:

    And here's a light test with the blue lens and blue LED underneath:

    Detail on a blue/green mix (swirly texture done on purpose):

    That last one is the emitter bulb from the sonic screwdriver I posted at the start of this thread.

    They seemed so smooth out nicely as well.