Dyed SLS pricing model

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by TomZ, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. TomZ
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    Yay! Black SLS. Thanks a lot!

    I believe the pricing model for the dyed SLS is wrong.

    I tried a simple test model. It costs $298.87 in white and $249.63 in black SLS, inc VAT.

    This is on the material page:
    "The price per dyed model is $4 start up costs and $ 1.50 per cubic centimeter of material you use for your model."

    So that's $4 startup and $1.5 per CM3, compared to $1.50 startup and 1.5 per cm3.
    Now, acknowledging I pay 19% sales tax, the following should be valid:

    1.19*(4+1.5x)=298.87 and 1.19*(1.5+1.5x)=249.63

    But in fact, it is not. The latter equation gives x=139, the first gives x=165. Where does this 30 cm3 worth of printing material go?
    I think I found the answer. The dyed models are being taxed twice:
    This equation solves to x=139, which is good.

    Contrary to the material info page, in the newsletter a cost of $1.78 per cm3 is mentioned.
    This $1.78 is equal to the $1.50 with 19% tax added.

    What is going on? Is the newsletter correct and is the materials page wrong or is it the other way around?
  2. robert
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    Hi TomZ,

    Thanks for bringing this up. The material page of Strong & Flexible was in error. The price for dyed SLS is $1.78 / cm3 (ex sales tax) and there is a startup fee of $4. White Strong & Flexible is $1.50 / cm3 (ex sales tax) with a startup fee of $1.50.

    I hope this clears it up and my apologies for the confusion.