Dye running off of part during sweating

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  1. Hey guys

    Has anyone experienced this problem of the dye running off the part during heavy perspiring/exercising?

    I have a bracelet that is made out of WSF that I dyed black. When I run it under cold water and scrub it with soap very heavily, the dye stays on and no residual comes off.

    However, when wearing the piece today I noticed that the dye was coming off and some residual was bleeding onto my skin during a workout session. Does anyone know how to solve this?

    I tried scrubbing any excess dye off and no luck with that.

    Would using a high grade automotive dye in the future work better? Any quick way to seal the model without affecting the nice matte finish that I have right now? Do I just need to scrub the model even harder to get any residual dye off?

    I think it is a chemical reaction more than a physical bond of the dye to the part. The reason why i think this is because I can douse the part in water and try to scrub it off with an abrasive pad and it doesn't come off. It only comes off if I'm sweating/perspiring...probably has to do with body oils and acidity in skin?
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    Hello John

    Have you found any info on the reaction between sweat /dye since you posted? I use Dylon Universal Dye, and am waiting to hear back from them (Dylon not shapeways) on a similar topic. Will post when if i hear anything.

    What dye do you use? I know Dylon isn't colourfast but I have never had a problem with sweat. i am testing my products none the less. So far no dye has bled (Almost a week of constant wearing), but the items don't locate to an area that is prone to sweating. So the test is a bit flawed :)

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    Im also looking for a solution on "sweat exposed" strong and flexible parts. Self-dyed or dyed by shapeways (violet, red, blue,...), or even parts that are not dyed at all, polished or unpolished:
    is it possible to really seal them with e.g acrylic paint to not allow sweat to get through to the actual material/dye?
    Or any other suggestions than acrylic paint?

    Thank you already in advance!
    Kind regards,