DWG file to supported/required one.. please help!

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  1. roset
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    hello all,

    hope you are well.

    i'm new on this forum and have no idea about 3d etc. this is why i'm here asking for some help, please!

    i love the idea of the products that this website can produces and i'd love learning more about and possibly produce some gadgets for the company i work for in the US.

    i have a file of a sofa in dwg and i can't convert it in one of the required files.. is anybody willing to help me converting the file?
    i'd really appreciate it.

    thank you for your attention and help.

    have a great day.

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  2. barkingdigger
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    Hi - what CAD package was used to create it? I opened it in AutoCAD and it is a wire mesh of 4-sided polyfaces, with some "pointy" problems at the corners. I don't think it is a simple "export to STL" case (I'd have done so gratis if it was), but rather a case of some significant editing of the mesh.

  3. roset
    roset New Member
    I don't know.. I just have the file as a dwg

    thanks anyway.