Duracell Mobile Charger contacts cover

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  1. Spongeinside
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    Recently I bought a mobile charger to charge my phone while I'm "out and about". While it's a very portable device, the socket attachment to charge it was kind of annoying, it was sticking out and exposed to the risk of breaking. A nice thing about the charger is you can take the charging attachment off. That solved the annoying sticking out of the prongs and kept it from breaking. But leaving it off, the contacts were exposed to dirt and grime that may be in were ever you're storing/carrying it.

    So I started to design a covering attachment to cover and protect the contacts. It was a long process of measuring and modeling in SketchUp to finally get it right and have the pretty complex shape look the same as the original charging attachment. I ended up with a cover that was pretty much a copy of the original piece, but without the prongs sticking out :D

    Now I can take the charger with me without worrying the prongs will get damaged or break, and having the contacts protected from dirt or even a possible short circuit of the battery inside it.

    The item is available from my Shapeways shop:
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/873450/duracell-travel-charge r-cap

  2. natalia
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    Very clever! I like seeing useful practical solutions like this :)
  3. Spongeinside
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    Thanks :D

    I usually design more decorative objects, but designing something practical and usefull is a nice change and somehow a bit more satisfying :D