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  1. kxyc34
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    I'm unfamiliar with the 3D printing community, but I'm hoping this could be a solution for my problem.

    I recently moved into a condo that has predominantly Chinese-made fixtures. As a result, the local locksmiths and key-cutting shops are unable to create duplicates of my house keys, both indoor and outdoor locks. They told me that there are so many sizes and shapes for Chinese-made keys that they don't find it practical to carry the blanks. They also don't have the machines to make the grooves and dimples on the keys.

    Please let me know if there's any way 3D printing could somehow be utilized to address this issue.

    P.S., the landlord has the other set, and is unwilling to provide duplicates.

    BAROBA New Member

    You could print it out in stainless steel, but it wont be as strong as real steel...It would be more likely that the printed keys would break off rather sooner then later.
    I think you should talk to your landlord in getting the locks replaced by more traditional locks and keys.
    But remember that impossible to replicate keys and locks are also the ones that are harder to crack :)
    Unless it is proved somewhere that the locks are complete rubbish....


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    Too bad about your situation. If possible, find the locksmith who originally installed the locks in the condo's. I don't know of a locksmith who would install locks they could not service.

    While it is possible to 3d print a copy of a key(you would need to know the numerical bit depths), due to the tolerances inherent in the 3d printing process it would probably take more than a few prints(possibly hundreds) of prints to get a working key. And that's even if the style key you are printing adheres to the minimum design specs for a material strong enough to open the lock.

    Perhaps your local locksmith could id the bit depths on your key. then there are online shops that will cut you a working key from that info.