Dual Function Clip / Bottle Cap Clip & Phone Stand

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    I'm close to opening my shop here on Shapeways after many months of learning Blender for Shapeways purposes and tweaking my designs. Here is a clip that will hold your bottle cap and also serve as a stand for your smartphone.. I guess this is more a technical issue, how much distance do I need to keep from the different parts of a model so they won't fuse together when 3D printed?

    Also, I am trying this out myself keeping it on my keychain and carrying it, but would appreciate any feedback on the idea as well. It's a fairly cheap product that tackles two separate issues. I imagine most people already have some form of kickstand or stand for their smartphones, but I just got my new HTC One phone and guess what, it has no such stand.. this thing works great on it.

    The other issue my product solves is one that has not a lot of products on the market that do so, but I find I come across this when driving and would like to just have a bottle of soda open for a little while without having to find a place to put down the cap and later look for it or having to hold the bottle and the cap at the same time. Or am I the only one? lol


    Bottle Cap Clip and Phone Stand

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    For each material there is a Design Guidelines page.

    For wsf for example http://www.shapeways.com/materials/strong-flexible-design-gu idelines

    What you are looking for is "Clearance" - in this case 0.5mm.