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    Hi all,

    It has been a long time since my previous post.
    I have been teaming up with Franck Le Thiec to create something really original.
    It took us nearly one year of discussions, exchanges, and prototyping.
    But we are now proud of releasing a brand new collection of dice.

    Dual Dice 3D is our new common shop. It features 14-, 16-, 18- and 36-sided dice called DD14, DD16, DD18 and DD36 (“DD” stands for “Dual Dice”).
    Instead of being boring trapezoedra or dipyramids that roll forever, they are made in two nested parts: an external shell with large holes and an internal core.
    All the dimensions have been carefully chosen so that the core cannot escape from inside the shell, whereas the holes of the shell are big enough for the core to land properly.

    The external shell has pips on vertices and the internal core has pips on faces: add the pips from the 4 upper vertices of the shell to the pips of the upper face of the core and you get the results of your roll. Easy.

    To make it even easier, the pips are grouped by two or by three for a better readability. So if you recognized the pip standard configuration of a 5 as in a regular 6-sided die, but each pip is actually a double-pip, you get a 10, if it is a triple-pip you get a 15. The DD36 also have a special x-shaped pip that is worth 10 (think of the roman numeral X).

    The DD14 uses as a core a brand new D7 invented by Franck: a sphere die based on a truncated cube where each “square” face have a number from “1” to “6” and the last number “0” is obtained when the die falls on any of its blank “triangular” faces. This die is almost fair, down to 1% error on 1000 trials.

    The DD16, DD18 and DD36 use isohedral shells and cores so they are fair by construction.
    All these dice come in two flavors. The regulars ones with carved pips and the “DIY bicolor” ones with pegs that you will have to cut off (with a sharp cutter) to reveal white pips.
    We hope you will appreciate all these innovations.

    Your comments are welcome.


    Vincent and Franck.

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