Droid Razr Maxx Car Dock

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  1. dtistudio
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    This design was created for a friend that wanted a car, cell phone holder for his Droid Razr Maxx.

    The design was created to house his Droid that included and outer case. He wanted to use double sided tape with velcro so he could switch between his wife's car and his. We are both pleased with the outcome and found only two items that needed addressed.

    I added an extra back brace on the far side and extended the slot on the top for access to the volume buttons.

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Looking good! Could you make it adjustable so the driver could adjust it to their needs?
  3. eNonsense
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    Heh. I've actually worked on something similar for my razr maxx but am going a different route. I already have the official suction cup dock, but it sits too far away from me.

    My solution is to re-use the phone holder part of the official dock and incorporate it with a different mount. I also have a similar stereo mount to the one in that car, and am modeling a piece to slide snugly into that open slot under the head unit. The back of the phone holder uses a swivel ball mount, so I just need a projection with a 1" diameter ball on the end and the phone holder will snap right on.

    Here is the ghetto-tastic painted wood & bent metal thing that i've been using to serve the same function.
    Here the the disassembled ball joint, which could probably be printed in full, should you design the female end into your phone holder.
    Here is a basic idea of what i'm designing.

    That's actually likely going to be a bit far from the ideas I've had for the finished version, as that is the first 3D thing I ever made and was basically just learning what the buttons in sketchup did.

    Maybe if you re-design you can adapt my ideas further.
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  4. dtistudio
    dtistudio New Member
    I am trying to incorporate an adjust ment feature into my design but so far I can't get it into the price point I would like.
  5. dtistudio
    dtistudio New Member
    eNonsense: I like your ghetto-tastic design. COOL work and I just might "borrow" some of your ideas.

    How do you plan to mount yours to the car?

    Keep me posted on your progress.
  6. eNonsense
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    Like I said, My car has that same slot underneath the dash stereo as the picture above, which is the size of a couple CD cases. In my design the big block part just slides snugly into that. That's how the big piece in the old design works. Works well. The 3d Printed version would no doubt be hollow and made from some type of lattice structure rather than solid walls.
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