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    Greetings everyone!

    I made this thread so that I'll have a place to post about the latest items and stories I've uploaded in my shop (I hope that's alright). The theme of my shop is fantasy. I write stories for every item that I upload to give them "life". With these models and stories, I wish to entertain anyone, those who are simply passing by and those who are shopping. As much as possible, I also try to put lessons in the stories just like how old fairy tales always have some kind of moral lesson to be learned.

    The first two figures I uploaded, the dragon and the fairy, tell the basic story of Dragon's Desire. A dragon wakes up after a long time being asleep only to find himself surrounded by the ruins of mankind. He has no idea what just happened and he also seems to have lost his memory. As he tries to fly, he discovers that he has lost his wings, scales, and tail! He decides to travel around the world in search of survivors. He eventually meets a fairy. He discovers that the fairy was made using science and technology so she doesn't have magic. What she does have though, is the power to re-create things stored in her databank, which is the knowledge of mankind before everything disappeared. The dragon realizes that if he learns more about the past, he might find hints about who he is as well as what just happened to the world. He then asks the fairy to re-create things for him to learn. The items, creatures, accessories, and others that the fairy re-creates are the things that will be available in the Dragon's Desire shop. :)

    Please feel free to explore my shop http://www.shapeways.com/shops/dragonsdesire

    Have fun! :)

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    http://www.shapeways.com/model/972280/0001-dragon-of-desire. html?li=productBox-search

    Name: Dragon of Desire

    Age: ???


    Once there was a dragon who lay asleep for near an eternity, for some reason he woke up right at the end of humanity. Under the weight of rubble he started to escape, pushing away the collapsed parts of a castle that covered his way. On the ground lay skeletons of soldiers, men, "Did I slay all of them?" asked the dragon, but answers he had none.

    Without a memory of his own life, the dragon made his way towards the light. Out of the darkness and destruction he escaped, only to find that no soul was in sight. He found no humans, no animals, only their remains, "What has the world come to?!" the dragon spoke no longer restrained.

    He looked up to the sky and felt familiarity, then said "If I fly up I should find someone this way!". He jumped as high as he could but to the ground he returned, "Why can't I fly?" he asked with an almost broken nerve. One glance behind him revealed the truth, his pair of wings weren't there somehow. As his horror built up he discovered more, that his strong scales and beloved tail were no more.

    With sadness the dragon started marching, without any direction his hope was slowly fleeing. Many days passed, weeks and months, years as well but an encounter he had not.

    Then one night as he looked to the stars, he found a little being glowing from afar.

    "Hello lonely dragon, this is a surprise I say, to find a creature still living up to this day!"

    "What happened to everyone and what are you?" asked the dragon.

    "I am a fairy of wishes, for that I exist. The world's inhabitants have been gone from the book of the living's list." replied the fairy.

    "Then can you bring back everyone?" asked the excited dragon.

    "I am a fairy but not all powerful, to bring back a lost life is something to me that is impossible." she said.

    "I have lost my memories, can you bring them back?" the dragon asked with a hint of dismay.

    "I'm afraid that cannot be. Memories, emotions, thoughts, life and things without physical form, those are the walls, my power's limitations." the fairy said.

    "Then what can you do? For a magical fairy it seems magic you have not?!" the dragon sneered.

    "Oh but I am not a magical fairy! I am a fairy of science, a creation of technological triumph! My kind was made to store knowledge and wisdom! What I can do is re-create things from recorded knowledge." she replied.

    The dragon sat for a little while, pondering the situation of his present time, then came the inspiration that sparked in his mind, "Maybe if I learned more about how the world used to be, we'll find out what they knew about me!"

    The fairy floated gently downwards, from her eyes came images by the millions, the dragon gazed and started to understand, how great once was man.

    Thousands of years of history, art and technology, the recorded information could reach infinity, and when the dragon's interest was finally lit, the fairy asked, "To learn about this, is that your desire?".
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    http://www.shapeways.com/model/974955/0002-fairy-of-creation .html?li=moreFromShop&material=6

    Name: Fairy of Creation

    Function: To materialize anything within the knowledge databank for educational purposes.

    Tools: Creation Visor - used to project and create physical things as long as it is in the databank.


    Modernization of man brought great wealth and fortune, but satisfaction could not be found in their hearts. "We need more wood to create houses!" said the home builder, and so his men started chopping down the forest, the number of trees continued to dwindle. "We need more animals for the fast food restaurants!" yelled the franchise owner, and so the animals met an army of butchers.

    "Sirs, please wait, listen to my report, mother nature is dying and it's all your fault!" pleaded a scientist. He was heard but ignored, their attention was not meant to be borrowed, for he spoke to men of only the present, they have no care for tomorrow.

    Years passed and the technology improved, trees could be cut faster, animals continued to be mass slaughtered. No limits, no breaks, though wood and animals now go to waste, "Sir we're already wasting too much when we could save for another day!" said the scientist. Again he was ignored by the businessman, whose only concerns are supply and demand.

    Soon the trees were no more and the animals followed, it was just too much abuse which led to nature's sorrow. People panicked for their lives, will they be forced to eat each other to stay alive?

    Scientists were suddenly funded by men, the same men who used to ignore their warnings back then. "Find a solution to this problem you geeks, make a machine that will create things that we need!" they ordered. The scientists spent their days and nights, trying to quickly solve the mystery of life. Unfortunately for them the simple truth remained, to create things you need things, to create life you need life.

    Having resigned to their approaching fate, they instead worked on a mechanical thing. Little by little they built this being, infusing it with knowledge of both man and the stars.

    "You will still remain after we're long gone, but you will hold mankind's knowledge, that you cannot abandon. You are a thing that can create things, from the soil, the sand, and everything you can see on land. When the time comes that you find life again, show them our mistakes so that it won't be repeated again! You are now known as the Fairy of Creation!"
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    http://www.shapeways.com/model/979661/0003-formicigon.html?l i=moreFromDesigner&material=26

    Name: Formicigon

    Type: Ant Monster

    Favorite Food: Children


    In the old days without supermarkets and mass food supplies, people toiled hard in order to survive. Everyone was a farmer, at least for each one a farming tool they have mastered, they woke up before dawn, there was no need to rest for long.

    "Today I'm planting tomatoes over there, red juicy orbs that we need for our feast!" said an old farmer.

    Their life was simple yet very secure, for as long as they planted seeds they produced more food for sure. But not everyone loved this cyclic life, for a man named James wanted to live in the spotlight.

    "Why am I forced to wake up everyday, even before the first rays of the sun hit the earth? To eat without worry is the best in life they say, but this is not for me, I long for riches and fortune, not the smell of sweat and dirt!" complained James.

    His mother heard the way he decried, the life that was peaceful and tranquil, where your health was the greatest gift. "My dear son you are not a prince, you are a farmer's child, is it hard to find happiness in our way of life?" asked his mother.

    "I am sick and tired of trudging through mud, I wish not to feel the squirming of the worms! I carry a sickle, each day slashing crops, carrying vegetables, oh how I'm so worn!" cried James.

    "There is nothing wrong to wish for fame and fortune, to dream to one day become like that of a king! But look around you and consider reality! Life cannot be fair because life is simply existence, it cannot decide whom to smile upon! Aren't you thankful for simply being alive, to be able to eat everyday and be loved by your family?" said his mother as she tried to provide him a positive view.

    "Fine mother, for today I shall do my work again. I'll walk through mud and harvest those crops, but someday to the great city I shall be, where I'll rise to be king, that you shall see!"

    Later that day as James did his work, he stopped for a while and began cursing his world. "To hell with this tiring life of mine, why have I not been born to a royal family? I work hard each day to attain my dreams, to become the idol whom people wish to be. Yet I am stuck in this backwards little town, where no matter how hard you try, in the end without fortune you'll still die!" cried James.

    "Every one here is like an ant! They simply follow this routine everyday, without a care for what they want! So curse me world if I really am not to be, instead of a king then an ant I shall be!"

    Without a warning dark clouds gathered, the wind's howling sounded like that of a crying mother. Rain started falling and washed the mud off the dejected man, then lightning struck this pitiful man.

    Days and weeks went by, without a trace of the man named James. His mother searched for him each day, but no sign of her son ever came her way. As any mother would she never stopped, till her heart just ceased and then forever she lay.

    Not long after there came to be talk, of children missing towards home as they walked. Fear spread among parents and families, that bandits may have come to bring them misery. One child said, with tears in her eyes, that her friends were not taken by bandits at night. "No no no it's much more fearsome!" said the chubby girl, "It's a giant ant that eats the children and brings me fright!".
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    http://www.shapeways.com/model/989201/0004-cooperation-of-th e-twins.html?li=productBox-search

    Name: Cooperation of The Twins

    Type: Food Bowl, Dining, Container


    Twins are said to always be connected, in mind and in heart, no matter where they are. In their mother's womb they were born together, brothers of fate, time and space.

    Together they face each day of their lives, helping each other, they rise together. Side by side they fight battles, acting as shields, they are the best weapons of one another.

    During peaceful times they share meals and laughter, their new job is to carry your things together. On their backs they carry a giant bowl, to be filled with soup, candy, or any item that you require.