Downscale my design?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by mazmwa, May 26, 2009.

  1. mazmwa
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    Its a long time back that i was here for the last time at shapeways. If have made a house in sketchup:

    Maybe i want to export this model upload and print it. But as you can see the house is in scale 1:1. My question is that can i upload the file just at 1:1 and than downscale it here when i order it?
    Or do i need to downscale the model in sketchup first?
    I think scale 1:100 is fine, but i have "little" details in the house (windows) can the printer print little details (0,3mm).

    Greetz Maz
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  2. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hi Maz,

    you'll have to scale the file before uploading it to Shapeways. 0.3mm details should be fine!


  3. mazmwa
    mazmwa New Member
    Ok thats clear. But how will my model be? Will it be a solid house are a hollow house?
    I didn`t make "walls"!

    And i just can export my model to a .dae file?
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  4. mazmwa
    mazmwa New Member
    I have downscaled the house to 1:100 (10cmx8cmx7,4cm) then i exported the file to a .dae file, this all was no problem.
    When i uploaded the .dae file nothing went wrong, but when the uploading was done i get a screen that said that shapeways will look at the model if it is printable are not. Then is said something about that the will email me, and that the model will be in "my designs". But the model is not there (jet).

    How is the progress of uploading works exactly? I could not find it at the website.
    And how is shapeways calculation the price of the model?
  5. WiKKiDWidgets
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    Depending on the server load it may take a little while for you to receive your emails from Shapeways automated system. If there are no problems with the model, you will receive a email titled "your model became printable". Once you receive this, the model will be in your "MyDesigns" page.
  6. mazmwa
    mazmwa New Member
    Oke thats clear, i just received the email that is was not printable because of the inverted faces ..
    Tanx for your reply