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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by bluedonkey99, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. bluedonkey99
    bluedonkey99 New Member

    I have a problem when i down load models from either associates, or my models I have up loaded!

    a 8.1mb zip file containing a STL will upload fine by myself or associate into differenct shops.

    However, when I try and download the same 8.1mb zip it turns into a 23.9mb zip that can not be opened!

    When my associate down loads from his shop all is ok?

    I have tried this on more than one PC and software combinations for obvious reasons.
    but I have tried on
    = WinVista64 SP2+ Firefox 3.6.10 & Gdata Anti Virus
    = WinVista64 SP2+ IE 8 & Gdata Anti Virus
    =WinXPProSP3 +IE8 & AVG antivirus
    I have same problem on all!

    any ideas?

  2. Barry
    Barry New Member
    Hi Martin,

    this is a bug from our side. Zipfiles won't be correctly offered for download now (in fact it's the original model file with the zip extension, that's why its larger in size).
    We are working on a fix for that asap.