Downgraded From Successfully Printed To First To Try

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by adbinc, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    Anyone else getting a sudden influx of this notice? In the last two days I've had four different ships flagged in White Versatile Plastic. Each one has printed at least once in that material. Two of them have printed twice successfully.

    With the removal of the materials page we used to have, I can no longer check to see if this is a fluke, if there have been issues before with the item being persnickety, or if this is something going on now that Shapeways has (I hope) a high volume of items being printed due to the Cyber Monday sale.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

  2. FerretDesigns
    FerretDesigns Well-Known Member
    Yes, tons of pieces that have been successful in the past for me on ordering again are generating the first time print success email.
  3. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    And the option to allow designers to fix a product before canceling an order seems to be either discontinued or only for some models.

    SW canceled an order today without offering me an opportunity to fix it.

    Not happy.
  4. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    We've never been given that option. :(

  5. FerretDesigns
    FerretDesigns Well-Known Member
    I had a piece that had printed fine many times before get thrown out as unprintable (the hanger, made on SW pendant creator infact)...And because they "fixed" it, the price is no longer grandfathered...
    Sods law I get customers wanting it on my Etsy store as well!
    Jumped in price by a 1/3!