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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Magic, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    Here is another crazy suggestion of mine (I apologize in advance :D ).
    There are some cases where you need collaboration between 2 modelers (you know, the guys/girls creating the models): some are better into inventing structures or mechanisms, other are better into adding details or decorations.
    For instance Mamélie needs Youknowwho4eva to make a blank dice and would like to add the dots by himself, or Randomblink would like a Photoshaper model from Shapeways to modify it.
    Another example would be me asking for someone else to make decorations on the double-marble-pendant.
    The problem is: how do you share revenues on this new object that is the result of the work of two modelers?
    My suggestion would be to have the option to put 2 markups on one object.
    In this way, each one of the modelers would get its own markup each time such an object is sold.
    Of course, it is not so easy, since at least one of the guy has to share its model (its IP) with another so there is always a matter of trust. And there are also the technical issues.
    But if it works, I think that the added value could be interesting.
    Is it something feasable, and would it help the community?