Don't get stainless steel option on a simple model

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    I have a very simple model... basically just a shape pulled to 2 mm thick. Has some cut outs and such, nothing less than 1mm. Simple, flat, nothing tricky. For some reason, Stainless Steel doesn't show up as an option. I have other much more complicated model, some of which have actually be rejected after being sent for printing for having walls too thin or things like that.... those DO have stainless as an option.

    Any idea why it wouldn't show up? I made succeedingly more simple versions, and even with almost no detail, it still won't show up as an option.

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    I think another post here answers it. amp;start=0&

    My other stainless models were composed of layers of 1 mm and 2 mm sections, the same size, or less than this one, but in aggregate they were more than 3 mm tall, so they qualified as larger than the 3 mm bounding box minimum that stainless apparently needs. The thing doesn't have to be composed of things 3mm tall, but has to be bigger than that box.

    If you add a feature to take it over 3mm tall, you're set, and in fact, it is now working for me.