Do You Thank Your Customers For Their Orders?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lensman, Sep 8, 2017.

Do you thank your customers for their orders?

  1. Always

  2. Never

  3. Yes, if I've had prior contact with them

  4. Sometimes (less than 50% of time)

  5. Sometimes (50 to 99% of time)

  1. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    As you know, Shapeways sends out emails informing you of when you have made a sale. If that person is registered with Shapeways (and not just a Guest) you have the option of sending a message to that customer to thank them for the order.... So my question is, do you actually do that? As a customer I wonder how they feel in receiving a message from the Designer?

    Okay, I will make a poll out of this, but feel free to elaborate here, especially if you answer "sometimes" (curious why not all the time).

    And, personally, my response would have been #3.
  2. 3Dcarving
    3Dcarving Well-Known Member

    Good question !

    I do not understand why sometimes a customer is considered guest when it is necessary to register to order?

    I have sometimes thanked the customer for his order, I sometimes had good returns with even photos at my request and for first orders. But it often happens that my email remains unanswered!

    Conclusion my answer would be: sometimes!

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  3. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Thanks, Jacques. I believe the necessity to register to purchase was removed quite some time ago. A good thing, too, since I hate having to do that when shopping online at a place I know I'll only be at once!
  4. Ontogenie
    Ontogenie Well-Known Member
    Absolutely always! I don't know why you wouldn't? It takes 10 seconds, and even if they don't respond, it's the kind (and smart) thing to do. They found you on the big, wide interwebs, found your work captivating and spent their hard-earned money to buy something from you. I thank them and let them know they can contact me if they have any questions or ideas for new designs. You never know who your next repeat customer will be...
  5. SnoozeAlongSnail
    SnoozeAlongSnail Well-Known Member
    I have done this as well and the customer was really lovely! She let me know when her order arrived and was really happy with it, which was great to hear.
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  6. IntelXeon
    IntelXeon Well-Known Member
    depends, those i have contact with durning the design phase i thank them trough facebook where i get moost of my orders, anny other kind of mass selling here on shapeways not even gona bother them cus im selling allot
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  7. Where is the option to send a thank you message? Unless the buyer leaves a message on the product page, I am unable to find any information about who the buyer is or how to contact them.
  8. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    Shapeways recently informed me that the only way for me to contact my customers was to move to the shopify platform and maintain my customer file there. So, because the customer file is the most valuable asset most companies have, and the care of those customers is a key to success, I added a shopify store.
  9. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Every time you make a sale Shapeways send you an email (see my opening post to this thread). In that email is the name of the customer - the Shapeways name, which is clickable. From there you can then send a message. However, if the buyer is an unregistered guest then you cannot contact.
  10. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    See my reply above.
  11. Thank you for the responses! Shapeways is not sending such emails to me, even for a registered customer who commented on the product page. So I have something different here somehow.

    I am unfamiliar with Shopify, with regard to using it for Shapeways. Do you have your products listed on your own site, Lawrence, and the purchase somehow goes through Shapeways?
  12. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Yeah, you might want to take a look at your notification settings. You have an option to opt out and maybe you've done that.

    Under Communications:
    "Notifications when my products are sold to others"

    Or check your Spam folder. Failing that I guess you'll have to contact SW.
  13. Thank you for the reply. I found it --Settings/Communications/Notifications when my products are sold to others. I had to opt in, having obviously not noticed that item previously.

    Still curious how Shopify works with Shapeways.
  14. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
  15. Thanks! I will investigate this option.
  16. Echoco
    Echoco Well-Known Member
    I want to but never thanked customers. Too many things going on like guest or cancelling to reorder. I do contact customers personally when there are print rejections or I think they ordered something by mistake.
  17. bilymossiba
    bilymossiba Member
    Do It the Old-Fashioned Way. Send a thank you note.
    And the Modern Way.
    Check In.
    Create a Warm, Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Office.
    Send Baked Goods.
    Or a Book.
    Don't Try to Sell 24/7.
    Share Your Personal Side.
    Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher
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  18. mathewwade49
    mathewwade49 Member
    Every time you make a sale Shapeways send you an email. If email is not registered you don't make a sale.
    try & mis it up for a sale, don't Try to Sell 24/7. Hopefully that will change the outcome.

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  19. primalis
    primalis Member
    If I were a buyer and received an email after buying something from a store. I think that is a good thing
  20. gordonlardi
    gordonlardi Well-Known Member
    you get more flies with honey, can't hurt