Do you like using a pen/tablet with 3D apps, particularly Blender?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by dadrummond, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. dadrummond
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    I'm pondering getting a pen/tablet (Wacom Intuos4) for my Shapeways modeling. As a hardened keyboard/mouse guy -- the kind who can't stand console games because they require relinquishing the keyboard/mouse combo -- I'm still a bit leery. My creative-type friends swear by their tablets for 2D illustration. For those of you who model seriously, what have your experiences been with 3D work using a tablet? Any opinions about the Intuos series? As I'm a Blender user, I'd particularly like to hear from other Blendy-Shapies. Thanks in advance!
  2. Lyndzer
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    I have a wacom monitor and tablet ($$$ o_O) and feel as if they're both most useful for drawing only and not true modeling for vertex/edges/faces ect. The only acceptable application for using a tablet to be honest is with ZBrush since it flows well however it takes a bit of getting use to to get your flow working.
  3. EricFinley
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    I just bought a co-worker's used Wacom Graphire4, and have been using it with Blender's Sculpt mode. And I am in love.

    Mind you, in part that's because while setting it up I did a little more reading on Sculpt mode and figured out that Partial Redraw works wonderfully, and supersedes Multires entirely, on my machine. That, plus the smooth lines brush, were the two hidden settings which complement the tablet to make the whole Sculpt Mode experience absolutely incredible.

    (Akeno - Sculpt Mode is basically ZBrush-in-Blender. So this doesn't disagree with you, except inasmuch as ZBrush no longer has a monopoly on that style of sculpting.)
  4. mimekunst
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    Why don't you guys use pen and paper to scan it afterwards?
  5. OneManBand
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    I've used a pen / tablet for everything for a long time; yes, that means 3d modeling too, apart from OS navigation, browsing, etc. And I have to say that it's great. It's waaay more ergonomic and easy on your wrist pointing a pen here and there than dealing with a mouse. Just do a quick test and grab a pen: you can use it on paper and draw / write for a long time without getting tired at all; if you use a mouse, the wrist needs wider movements to acomplish the same results.

    So, even if I'm not a Blender guy (more into Maya), I would absolutely recommend a pen for dealing with your computer. If you're not sure, you can always buy a small tablet to try it out and upgrade to a big one later on, so you won't expend that much at first.

  6. ChrisWilmer
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    I've been a tablet PC user for 3 years and it's amazing... but not for Blender!

    I can imagine that it would work well for sculpt mode... but I've never tried it. Eeek... tablet for Blender just sounds troublesome... Blender is such a keyboard heavy program.

    My thoughts.
  7. ChrisWilmer
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    By the way... my 'Alien Goddess' model which is my only shop item, was made entirely using Blender's sculpt mode, in case anyone was interested. was also made from start to finish in a few hours.... yeah, sculpt mode in Blender is pretty good.