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    I want to share the story about the X-mas gift and shapeways for my girlfriend:

    I build her a Lego diorama to remember our firsts dives together. We did these dives in a indoor dive center in Rheinbach (Germany). One of the feature in the diving pool was a Shark Monument from sharkproject (a nonprofit organization for protection of sharks)

    To remember our first dives together I build the diorama from Lego. But Lego do not have a big knives to create such a Shark Monument. So I had to create it by my self ... so shapaways!
    Because shapaways has a black an a Aluminum material I decided to use this an not to paint it.
    The knife blade best printed in Polished Alumide (because of the color) DIY Shark Monument (knife blade)
    The knife handle (best printed in Black Strong and Flexible black, because of the color) :DIY Shark Monument (knife handle)
    The Printet Parts:

    So I hat to separate these parts and create it so that it can snap-fit together. So I gave the knife blade a pin and a small hole in the knife handle. But a small hole can be a Problem by removing the Powder. The solution was easy. Make the hole through the hole handle. But it is still a little Problem, so I had to clean up the hole with a drill.

    My girl friend was stoked from the diorama and allowed me to share it with the public. So Here it is!
    The Hole Diorama:

    So two parts a needed. So I tried the "Product Sets Mod" in the Labs. Nice tool works fine :)

    Now everybody can protest on the desk against the killing of sharks.
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    You could get more coverage by posting on MOCpages (seems to be broken atm) and Brickshelf.

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    Wow cool!!!