Display order - where does the default come from?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by tebee, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. tebee
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    I was trying to work out where the default numbers in display order come from - it does not seem to be in the order I uploaded things or in the order I made them public. It sort of follows these but many of the later items appear out of order.

    There's also a minor in the new layout in the shop inventory screen. if the item title is three lines long the display order box drops below the bottom of the item bounding box and you can't see the number in there though the top edge remains just in view.

    It would be nice if there was some way of downloading a list of the display order of all the items rather like the markup CSV. it would make the lives of people like me with (too) large shops much easier.

  2. Jettuh
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  3. tebee
    tebee Well-Known Member
    Ye I've seen the page That is where I got the numbers from . What I was trying to work out is where the original numbers that Shapeways puts in for these come from.

    In may case it looks they are mostly in order of uploading until number 308 then it goes back to two of my very early models followed a few from recent times. Then next time wise they jump to about number 381 then continue until about no 453 roughly in date of adding order . Then they seem to have gone back to fill the missing gap in the 300's mostly in date order but with a few out of sequence.

    It was that I could not discern an order to these, but they do not seem entirely random that made me ask my original question.

    BTW should I have a save button on the page to save then ? You mention saving the changes but I don't see any option to do this !

  4. stop4stuff
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    Yep there should be a save button, below the display order box, unfortunately if the item title/name is more than 25 characters (i.e. one line) long, the save button is pushed down and disappears behind the materials box - this has already been reported as a bug - in the meantime a workaround is to edit the model, change the title to something shorter, wait for the changes to be propogated throughout the site, go back to the inventory page, adjust the order position number, save and then edit the title back to what it was originally.

  5. tebee
    tebee Well-Known Member
    Ah - but sadly doing that sort of thing in a shop the size of mine is not really practical - I've got over 400 items now . Paradoxically it's also the reason why I need to change the order as things are getting lost in my shop

    Many of my items are in related groups. Before when I uploaded a group they seemed to stay together on the same pages of the shop. I had even started uploading few dummy items with each group them making these private. These I could replace by new real items later and still keep them with the rest of the group.

    But now even when I upload things together I find odd items being scattered in different pages. This is why I asked my original question about how the site was generating the numbers for display order.