Disappearing order?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by tempusr71019_17a4ae14064, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. I ordered a model a few weeks ago but it was rejected for thin walls. I've since updated and reordered the model using the coupon from the rejected model. At first I could see the order details but now they seem to have disappeared from my page.

    Is this good, bad, or not meant to happen? Haven't had any emails from shapeways recently, soooo ...
  2. bartv
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    please contact our Customer Support team at service@shapeways.com. They can look in to this for you.


  3. barrys
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    Also note that canceled orders (which it probably is, since it got rejected on thin walls) will disappear after two days from the 'my orders' overview on the my designs page.

    Shipped orders will disappear after six months.
  4. kontor_apart
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    sorry, not true. cancelled orders disappear right away (which is no good).

  5. well, got it mostly sorted out. as it turns out, i typed my email in wrong, so the cancellation email probably never got anywhere to begin with.

    also fixed the edges as according to the diagram, so now is only time for waiting.