Disabling materials is a chore, why not use CSV tool?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by TinyMtn, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. TinyMtn
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    I find that the major chore in creating a new model (and I put out 20-25 at a time) is in turning off the 5-10 materials that aren't appropriate for the models. It currently involves a lot of tedious scrolling and clicking in the "Select Materials" section of the "Edit Model" pages. And if I mis-aim a click, I reset the default material. Arm hurty.

    Maybe there's a faster way to do this that I am not aware of. Does anyone know?

    Ideally, I'd be able to do it using the CSV markup tool (I process the CSV file with a custom Perl script). If I could simply remove the line for the material that I do not want to offer, that'd be the best.

    Speaking of the CSV tool, why do we have to set the model to "Offer for sale to others" *before* we can use the CSV tool to edit prices? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I'd put up more models if these processes were a bit more streamlined.

    And just to make sure that I don't come off as a curmudgeon, I find it truly marvelous that Shapeways allows me to ramp up a side business with such little effort. This simply wasn't possible a decade ago. Thank you!
  2. Bathsheba
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    It's not curmudgeonly to want this. Before the last big rewrite there was a mass price/materials tool, in which you could set markup across all materials for a model with a click, and see all materials and markups for lots of models, on one screen, without scrolling.

    Vote early and often to bring that functionality back.

    For my part, I won't be editing any CSV. I lived through the 1980's once already, thanks.
  3. TinyMtn
    TinyMtn Member
    I'll take any functionality that lets me do what I'd like with fewer clicks. But if the 2013 way is either "click on a lot of stuff" or "edit XML", then I'd rather put on The Bangles and start moonwalking.
  4. CreativeColor
    CreativeColor New Member
    I'd even accept editing XML (I've got BBEdit to automate a lot of that).

    But there really should be some bulk way to edit the materials, or a preset system so you can apply an existing list of allowed materials to new models.

    FYI - my designs so far are all full color. So I have to turn off everything and set the default to color sandstone for each and every model...
  5. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    Recommend bug-reporting this.

    A much-needed tool.
  6. Tresob
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    I confess, I confess...I'm terribly lazy about settings. If I were wise, I would make sure to disable anything I don't want customers trying every time I upload a model. It would only take a few extra seconds. But I don't. Then I end up sitting for long stretches of time doing nothing but clicking, clicking, and clicking.

    I guess the most tedious part, for me, is that I haven't found the best way to navigate my items. I have over a hundred listings right now, so when I want to edit everything on page four, there is a lot of waiting for pages to load. (When I click "back" it takes me out of Shapeways, And clicking on My Models takes me back to page one. Maybe there's a faster approach that I haven't discovered yet.)

    I know nothing of your CSVs and XMLs. I'm just a humble point-and-click hobbyist.
  7. stonysmith
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    I know this is NOT a proper answer, but when you're on the models page.. right click and select Open in New Window when you go to edit a model.
    That way, when you click "Finish Editing", (close the window) then you're back to page 4 of your models.
  8. Tresob
    Tresob New Member

    Yeah, opening a new window or tab would do it, wouldn't it. Thanks!

    (Man, I must revert to my lizard-brain when I'm in shopkeeping mode. I bring great shame upon my house.)
  9. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    I would like to see 3 changes in the Mymodels tab:

    I. Adding materials and sections to the search options:

    Move the existing one in dropdowns:
    - Public/Private
    - For Sales/Not for Sale
    - Downloadable/Not Downloadable
    - available in WSF, .... / not availabel in WSF, ...
    - in User Section 1, .... / not in User section 1, ...

    II. Add two buttons in the Edit page to move forward/backward in this selection (thus allowing to simple edit the options of the found/selected items in the list)

    III. Allowing to do some mass changes based on the found list:
    - set to public/private
    - add material/remove material
    - add to section/remove from section

    In my opinion not a big implemention task but would make shop owners life so much easier!!!

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